Durga Bari Project

In 2019, A team was formed to discuss the possibility of BAWA’s Durga Bari. Throughout the year, we had 4-5 meetings and brain storming sessions and discussion points were:

  • Objectives: To get a premise of our own association
  • Mode of operation: Durga Bari Working team headed by the President of the BAWA committee of that year
  • Scope of work: Fund/Budget for this project

Also discussed on:

  • Why do we need a property for BAWA?
  • Part of the BAWA reserve fund should be used for this purpose. With the net reserve fund of 70K, the 50K could be used for this purpose and the 20K should be kept always reserved to meet BAWA’s emergency needs.
  • Whether other activities could be associated with the property like OLD-age facilities, child care etc.
  • Inclusion of other communities in some activities.
  • Seeking ideas from other members of BAWA to raise fund and also to make this project a success.

In 2019, a fund of $601 was collected for this Durga Bari project.

In 2020 AGM, the Management Committee placed the motion for the approval of Durga Bari project and it was approved by the majority members by voting and the Durga Bari Project team was approved. In 2020, the team will start working.